The 4 Key Facebook Ads Mistakes (And How To Fix Them)

How To Avoid Income Rollercoasters
November 4, 2017
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What mistakes are you making in your business? Below we have outlined the four mistakes we see business owners make and actionable advice on how to fix them now.

1. Emotional Decision Making

Facebook ads can get emotional – and we get it. You're spending your hard earned money and you’re indecisive about spending a thousand dollars a day. Because of this, it’s easy for us to make big decisions based on emotion. Instead, be sure to make decisions based on data, rather than drama.

2. Sell Immediately

The point of Facebook ads is to create social posts. People don’t wake up in the morning and go on Facebook ready to buy. Facebook is the place where you provide value versus going for a hard sale. It’s not Amazon and eBay – and that’s where Facebook ads come in. To be successful you have to provide value, be unique and post shareable content.

To be successful with Facebook ads, you have to provide value, be unique and post shareable content. – Peter Szabo

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3. Wrong Mindset and Positioning

What will set your campaign apart is positioning your offer and making sure you’re in the right market. The actual semantics of Facebook ads is only 10% of the equation. What’s going to make or break your campaign is the mindset and how you position yourself and your business.

4. Doing Everything

People come to me and they tell me they’re doing XYZ. They try to spread themselves too thin – does this sound like you? If you want to make your business profitable and enjoyable, it’s time to invest the time and effort in hiring people who are experts in their field.

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