Success Stories

Real World Advice

Tim runs the Powerful Man organisation and with out help he’s been able to crush his $100,000 month.

“Peter’s funnel and traffic generation strategies are out of this world. He makes complex simple. If you are looking for real world advice and wanna stay on the cutting edge, Peter is your answer!”

Tim Matthews

Within 7 days ended up closing $30,000

Mike is a serial entrepreneur & infopreneur.

He has paid Peter his regular $1,000/hr consulting fee. The ROI? Within 7 days he ended up closing $30,000 in deals by leveraging some low hanging fruit.

Currently he makes ~$50,000 per week using Facebook Ads + a simple webinar funnel.

Mike Dolev

$40,000 in sales within a month

$40,000 in sales within a month of working together, spending less than a $100 a day (plus shutting down the ads frequently as Kean’s calendar kept getting full).

“Thanks for all your support and feedback to date! It’s truly invaluable!”

Kean Wong

Helping accountants grow their business

Andrew currently generates more than $400,000 a month helping accountants grow their business.

He dominates his industry — and even though his apps are quite pricey, he still manages to generate an enormous ROI, plus work in a leveraged manner.

His biggest problem? Having to turn off the ads regularly as we keep overfilling his calendar with red-hot leads begging to buy his coaching.

Andrew Argue, CPA

$200,000 per month like clockwork

AJ helps coaches and fit pros build a high profit, low stress online business.

He is currently generating $200,000 per month like clockwork, spending less than ~$5,000 on Facebook ads every month. Not too shabby.

“Peter is one of the best at Facebook Ads and he consistently fills up my sales funnel with high quality, laser-targeted leads.”

AJ Mihrzad

solid competitive advantage

“I run a 7-figure operation revolving around LinkedIn and Peter helped me get apps as cheap as $25 each, although a lot of my competitors pay 4-8X that much!”

We’ve done the research… many companies in the ‘high ticket’ space are currently paying anywhere from $100 to $400 per phone call. Imagine paying $25 for the same quality. Isn’t that a pretty solid competitive advantage?

Kent Littlejohn

doubled my business in less than a month

Blake is a posture and mobility coach. With a handful of online courses, plus a bit of online coaching he’s generating over $25,000 every single month nearly completely hands-free. His income is 90% passive.

“I doubled my business in less than a month! So glad AJ referred you. You guys are like WAYY better then FB ads guy i’ve worked with in the past. Definitely gonna be referring mad clients your way. Do you have any referral program in place for this?”

Blake Bowman

collected $45,000 in sales

Allen collected $45,000 in sales in the IM space within 3 weeks of working with us — without even setting up his webinar.

Allen Martin

$4,187 into $48,000 in the first 30 days

Multiple deals closed in a matter of few weeks

Here's what I love about Peter

$30,000 collected in a single week

$200,000 months & leads coming in like clockwork

He turns incredibly complicated into simple

$25 high ticket, pre-qualified sales calls

$20/day ad budget turned into $60,000

2000% ROI by thinking outside box

$1.28 webinar registrants while the norm is $5-15

DISCLAIMER: Results not typical. Unfortunately, we don't know you, neither your business (yet), therefore we can't promise that you will be able to recreate these results. The talented entrepreneurs you see on this page had patience, perseverance, a bit of budget and most importantly they put in the work. If you're still willing to put in the work and give it a shot, we are happy to help!