Peter Szabo was forced to become an Internet entrepreneur at just 11 years of age. It all started when his parents took on multiple loans to make an investment in the hopes to better their financial future. Things didn’t work out exactly as planned, so young Mr. Szabo decided to take matters into his own hands. With a bit of hard work, creativity and tenacity.

Peter went from just a kid with broken English who couldn’t even afford a $50 Nike shoe to making more money in a year than the president of his country. Today he travels the world nearly full-time, and recently published a #1 best-selling book which got mentioned on sites such as ABC, NBC, CNN and FOX.

After having generated over 8-figures in his national currency, plus with over a decade of experience, he became the founder of LEADEVO – an international social media marketing agency and one of the most sought after Facebook Ads™ experts for small B2B & B2C businesses.

$2Mil spent on ads last year alone in one of our business managers

Next, Peter has partnered up with multi-millionaire business magnates such as Kean Wong (routinely consulted with Fortune 100 companies, and is an Oscar Contender) and others to take LEADEVO to a whole another level.

To date, we’ve served hundreds of small to medium size businesses, as well as spent multi-millions on Facebook Ads and have generated tens of millions of dollars for our clientele in a wide spectrum of industries — from start ups to 9-figure companies.

LEADEVO currently manages millions of dollars in Facebook ad spend every year.


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